Zika virus in india
Zika virus in india

Zika virus in India: Zika Virus in india has been identified in Ahmedabad and reported that the infected is a pregnant woman.

This test is confirmed at three laboratories. It is said to be very infectious and very dangerous. The zika virus disease is identified in Bapunagar, Gujarat, Ahmedabad.. The virus is said to be detcted with the help of RT-PCR test.


What is Zika virus?

It is a type of disease which is spread by Aedes mosquitoes Zaika virus is similar to dengue but has very mild symptoms and is difficult to detect. Zaika virus india can easily damage healths of a lot of people if not treated properly. Gujarat government has to take some immediate actions against such diseases ASAP.


Risk assesment By World Health Organisation:

According to the reports zika virus is said to be spread around the nation. Zika virus in india is quickly spreading around as per the evidences of first case. But further it is said that till now low level of viruses are only transmitted and in future more such cases are expected.


Efforts should be made as soon as possible to control the intensity of virus circulation.



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How to prevent such Zika virus India diseases:

Its prevention and control is totally dependent on how soon the situation is under control which means that how quickly we are able to eradicate and stop breeding of such sites.

Health authorities also suggests spraying of insecticides might help.

 And also that everyone should be aware and prevent themselves from mosquito bites as mosquitoes are the major reason of such diseases. And further more precautions should be taken incase you are travelling to higher risk areas. 

Precautions such as using mosquito repellents, wearing full clothes which covers full arms legs. And further they are advised to use cream such as odomos which helps in getting rid from mosquitoes.


However World health organisation has not restricted from travelling around in india according to information received till date.

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