Mukesh Ambani | Amazing Mantra
Mukesh Ambani | Amazing Mantra
  1. Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani | AMAZING Mantra
Mukesh Ambani | AMAZING Mantra

– Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani who was born on 19 April 1957 is an Indian business tycoon
– As of april 2017, Mukesh Ambani’s(currently the most richest person of india) net worth is 29.7 Billion USD.
-Mukesh Ambani is holding the seat of chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited.
-Mukesh Ambani is the elder son of the late Shree Dhirubhai Ambani and holds the highest rate 44.7% shares of Reliance Industries Limited.

-He is holding the 36th rank of richest man in the world, second in Asia and he is the richest man in India.

-coming to the IPL, which is currently the most trending, so he owns Mumbai Indians team.
-He has dropped Stanford, than Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance in 1980.
-And from 2016, he has started a network (JIO) in the favor of Digital India Scheme.

2. Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip Shanghvi | AMAZING MANTRA
Dilip Shanghvi | AMAZING MANTRA

– Dilip Shanghvi who was born on 1 October 1955 is an Indian business magnet.
– Dilip Shanghvi and his partner, Pradeep Ghosh founded Sun Pharmaceutical Industries which is India’s one of most valuable drug company with a market cap of 27 Billion USD.
– As of July 2016, his net worth was estimated at 16.9 Billion USD.
– he was Born in Amreli-Gujrat, Dilip Shanghvi founded Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in 1982 in Vapi with just a capital of Rs. 10,000 only, but now currently he is among Asia’s top 10 richest self-made billionaires.
– He acquired the American company Caraco Pharma in 1997 and Israel’s company Taro Pharma in 2007. Currently Sun Pharmaceutical Limited is looking at buying Ranbaxy company.

3. Azim Premji

Azim Premji | Amazing Mantra
Azim Premji | Amazing Mantra

-Azim Premji is the Owner of Wipro, the tech tycoon Azim Premji’s net worth is estimated at 16.5 Billion USD in mar 2017.
– Wipro was the new name given by Azim Premji to he’s father’s firm which produces vegetable products, soaps, and baby products and then his son started wipro as he came to know the importance of technology.
– With a degree of BE in Electrical, Azim Premji has been listed twice in the TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world.
– He has also won a lot of awards, achievements and was recognized by Business Week as one of the greatest entrepreneurs.
– He is the first Indian who signed up for “The Giving Pledge” that encouraging wealthy and rich people to contribute most of their wealth to philanthropic causes.

4. Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Mistry | Amazing Mantra
Pallonji Mistry | Amazing Mantra

– Pallonji Mistry who was born in 1929 is the 4th richest Indian man with a net worth of 14.9 Billion USD as of Mar 2017.
– Of Irish Indian descent, Pallonji mistry is holding the chairman’s place of Shapoorji Pallonji Group and the wealthiest Parsi in the world.
– Shapoorji Pallonji, who owns Shapoorju Pallonju Construction Ltd, Forbes Textiles, and Eureka Forbes.
– He gave up his Indian citizenship in 2003 and became an Irish citizen but still the largest share holder, who holds 18.4% shares of Tata Group.

Shiv Nadar

Shiv Nadar | Amazing Mantra
Shiv Nadar | Amazing Mantra

-Shiv Nadar who was born in 14 july 1945 is an industrialist.
– As of Mar 2017, Shiv Nadar’s net worth is estimated at 12.9 Billion USD.
-He is the founder and chairman of HCL ($7billion revenue)
-In 2008, Shiv Nadar was awarded Padma Bhushan for his great efforts in the IT industry.
-He is holding the 156th rank of richest man in the world.
-Since mid of 1990s he has focused his efforts in developing the educational system of India through the Shiv Nadar Foundation.
-In 2010 he has also received Dataquest Lifetime Achievement Award.


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