1. On the off chance that a yes to Marketing, then how much of the time it gets distributed

o 7 replied with Weekly
o 4 replied with Fortnight
o 7 replied with Everyday
o 2 more than Once a day
o 2 replied with 2-3 Times a Week

“We do content marketing in form of a newsletter every month or so, but we will soon making newsletter a weekly affair.”—- RarePlanet

“We’re not quite regular with content marketing. We do more of content via visualizations. For ex. we have done two poster campaigns carrying social messages which have reached the masses via social media and engaged over 1.5 million people.” —- TrueJodi

There is a tie between Everyday and Weekly. From the responses, it came as brands prefer to go for both weekly content publishing as well as every day. People on the web look for important information and content marketing provides it, through text, imagery and the video content. To profit the most extreme benefits one should practice of making and distributing content that is engaging, informative and helpful to potential customers.

2) Most Used Content for Content Marketing?

Infographic: 11 votes
Webinar: 1 vote
Podcast: 1 vote
Video: 10 votes
Polls: 6 votes
Interviews: 7 votes
Surveys: 2 votes
Checklists: 1 vote
Facts & Statistics: 9 votes
Guest Blogs: 8 votes
Roundups: 3 votes
Others: 5 (Articles, Photoshoots and poster campaigns, Contests, Listicles)
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