Shopify India Explained } Amazing Mantra
Shopify India Explained } Amazing Mantra

Shopify India :  Shopify For Beginners

Who does not wants to get rich quick.? Earn while sitting at home. And spending most of the times doing things they love.

Hi everyone my name is Chirag Sharma and today I am going to tell you one such way which can you’re your dream true. The way I am going to tell you today is Shopify.

This is my first article on shopify so in future there are going to be advanced articles related to this topic so if you think you want to get along with this subscribe by clicking the red button on right corner. Shopify India is a new platfrom for everyone in india and shopify is consistently making efforts to make it better.

So getting to the topic first of all some major terms that you need to understand before getting into this topic.

1. Why Shopify? :

Shopify is the leading online store which has currently over 4 lac online shops and is helping many business processes. Till date it has made over 34 billion dollars worth of sale. In shopify platform you can easily boost your sales as it has all the essential features which is required and you can very easily integrate it with your store. The most important thing is that it does not matter that if you are new to an online store or not. The thing that matters is your dedication and time to learn new things in this field. And trust me I personally know a lot of people who are doing very very well in this field which are new to shopify india. In infact they left their old jobs just to give their whole time in this business. But it simply does not means that it easy if you have to give it proper time to learn and experiment. So lets get started that what all things you need to create a store and make a huge profit.

2. Store Creation:

There are a number of trials currently in shopify which allows you to start your store. You can choose accordingly. Just don’t hesitate in any step to invest money. Remember that without investment you can not reach to your goals. And that investment does not have to be huge. It should be according to your plannings. I am not saying to invest 1000’s of dollars. Only 100 dollars month. And according to your profits you can increase your revenue.

Shopify Trial Link :

The above link will give you 60 days free trial and after that it is upto you to continue it or not.

3. Dropshipping:

Dropshipping means that you have a store but you don’t have any stocks by yourself and also you do not have to manage all the hassles of packaging and delivery. It is done by the dropshipper. You simply have to list the products in your store and then attract the customers to your store. Then simply after getting the potential customer reach. People are going to come to your store and buy items they like or we can say that they are going to come to the product page that you promote. And once they buy any item from your store than you simply have to give order to you dropshipper.

Now the question comes that how am I going to pay the dropshipper.? For this you have to first collect the payment from the customer and then give order to the seller. After that you just have to relax and the let the dropshipper manage the further process.

4. Products:

You don’t need to have products with you there are a number of sites like teespring, teelaunch, gearbubble, aliexpress from which you can import products to your store. And keep it a margin that you feel is ok according to the product.
For example: Pitbull design necklace in aliexpress is worth 0.80$, but in local stores of USA it its worth 20-25$ that means you can also easily sell it for 15-20$ and in that 15-20$ you just have to manage your product cost and sometimes for shipping. ( According to the product you choose)

5. Promotion:

The most crucial thing for your store is promotion. There are a number of ways to promote your product like organic promotion in this type of promotion you got to have a huge potential audience on your page or profile or facebook ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, google ads. But the most effective and quick way of promotion is facebook ads. You can easily create you advertisement and target potential customers in facebook. It has now became very easy for a user to target their specific audience. You can also target people according to their interests, page likes, behaviors etc. And accordingly set budget for promotion. If you are a starter and need to experiment things you are advised to keep atleast a budget of 5$ daily. I am going to create a separate video for facebook advertisement as it is a very vast and crucial topic for your online store. And is the main reason of failure for almost all the online businesses. Shopify india has very much potential as indian online market has just started evolving. Till now only amazon and flipkart were there. But now new stores have emerged with better prices. With Shopify India anyone can create a store and according to its audience promote the store.

Note: After creating your store. Don’t rush for trying fb ads. First of all learn and then implement.

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