Shopify first sale
Shopify first sale

Hi guys, I am Chirag, 19 a college student and started with shopify in the mid of July this year.


I always had in mind that I don’t want to do a job. I just want to be rich and everyone does. But I was worried that how can someone
be rich working 10 to 5. I always asked my teachers, relatives that what can I do so that I could buy myself an Audi. I love Audi.
And to be honest no one ever had the answer all they could guide me was that if you want to be rich, buy an expensive car you
have to do your own business. And the term business always excited me. But was not having any specific path
that could help me. I searched a lot about earning money online but was unable to find the right path.

When I heard about Shopify and how people are making more than 1000’s of dollars per day. I got more than excited I learned a lot about it read as much as i could, attended webinars regarding Shopify, bought udemy courses, talked to a number of people related to Shopify. And the best part of this whole thing is
that I made friends who are on the same journey and have an open mindset they know what they are doing right and they also guide me well.

I was really disappointed that I am not making sales even after one and a half month I was not able to make a single sale.
I tested more than 20 products and spent 200$+ with no sales. But I was and I am determined that I am going to make it big. Shopify first sale is not a tough task But it is a journey which teaches you a number of things.

But I was never worried because my dad is very very supportive and has always motivated, inspired me to do something big.
And one day after I started a ppe ad it instantly was getting a number of likes, comments, shares. I waited for 24 hours. When I woke up the other day I saw 2
ATC’s on my Facebook ads. From a long time I was getting a number of abundant carts so I was first looking in abundant section. But when I opened the main page of Shopify I saw 2 orders, I was more than happy. I got up and went running to my mom and dad and hugged them. That was a very amazing feeling. Getting you first and the second sale at the same time. I had a number of problems reaching this far. Shopify first sale was an awesome experience.

And i have a dream that i want to take people out of that 10 to 5 jobs. I want everyone to be financially secure. And I will surely help as many people as I can for free once I make 100$/day.


I made a number of mistakes and I don’t want anyone else to make those mistakes. So i am soon going to post an article in which i will let you know that what all i did wrong . And how i got my shopify first sale

Chirag Sharma
Chirag Sharma

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