Most of us, who have started entrepreneurial businesses, have gone through many self-doubts on whether we took the right decision to chase our dream business and start-off on one’s own. We have also faced self-doubts when we have taken decisions through our path of building our companies.

So if you have self-doubts and questions about why you took the dive as a startup entrepreneur, relax. Don’t feel alone. Self-doubting is a very normal human behaviour whenever we are faced with challenges at the beginning seem pathless. How you will tackle these self-doubts stuff, and handle your internal challenges and build up your business will be the key differentiator between success and failure of your dream business.

Accepting that you are not isolate is a great beginning to addressing your own self-doubts. Here are some points that will be helpful for you in such situations.


When faced with challenges, look back at your successes

Think of all the successes and the achievements you have got in the past whenever you face self-doubts and problems. Think positive, it will help you in dealing challenges of everyday.


Stop worrying about what others think of you

You have begin upon your entrepreneurial journey to achieve your goals. Worrying about what others are thinking about your business or what your friends and relatives may think about how you are building your business is only bothering yourself not them. Always Remember that others are too busy in facing their own self-doubts and challenges to think about you and your challenges, so just stop worrying about them!


Dream Big. Think Small

As an entrepreneur, dream of the big image and where you willing to take your young business five years from now. However, your smart plan to achieve your goals must be to set “bite sized” goals for yourself and for your teams on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. Only when you will be able to achieve your small steps will start to run towards your dream.


Get great people in your organisation and delegate effectively

For a better decision making, a good team is always helpful. Once you got a good team, give them authority according to their skills and delegate effectively. Remember that you only have a limited amount of time every day and you do not have the skill sets to do all the work alone. At the same time, remember to set up strong systems to seek responsibility from your people.


Do not be afraid to take decisions – right or wrong

When you face challenges, your people are looking towards you to take tough and well decisions. Hesitating, postponing or avoiding decisions can only harm the long-term interests of your work and your people. Not taking a decision is even worse than taking a wrong one . A false decision can be corrected but a management team, faced with an entrepreneur who does not take decisions will be directionless for them and its bad for the company.


Keep evaluating yourself

As the person who has the greatest share in your business and your success, keep constantly evaluating yourself. Keep thinking of the worst-case scenarios that you could be faced in future. Once you recognise and understand your downside, you will be able to take better and wise thought through decisions.


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