The unsuspecting Indian e-commerce company Snapdeal is seems to be in trouble due to the #boycottsnapchat issue. People are confuse between these two different companies.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel was at the receiving end of Indians outrage after an ex employee alleged that he said India  is a poor country and that “the app is only for rich people”. Reportedly, Snap.inc, the parent company of the social media application has called the allegations by that ex employee “ridiculous”. Yet, #uninstallsnapchat  or #boycottsnapchat started trending on Facebook and Twitter in after some minutes of this statement. However, some people, during the anarchy, has got Snapchat and Snapdeal confused, they are boycotting snapdeal instead of snapchat.


A quick look through Snapdeal’s reviews on Google Play Store will show that Indians are disrupting alright, but just against a totally different entity. The unsuspecting Indian e-commerce company was at the receiving end of “misdirected hate” after people got confused between both the companies recklessly. The comments and reviews, however, might just make for a fascinating read.


Amidst people who went with all their anger at Snapdeal, there were also (thankfully) some who were diverted and tried their best to figure out the differences and misunderstadings to others.


According to a report,  Anthony Pompliano, an ex-employee of the company alleged that when he was discussing about ideas for a ‘global outreach’ and for the app’s growth, Spiegel had “suddenly” interrupted him and then remarked about India’s “poor” status and also said that the Snapchat is for rich people only.



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