Anubhav Mittal Arrested | Amazing mantra
Anubhav Mittal Arrested | Amazing mantra

ONLINE SCAM: It has now became a common practice that every day some or other fake companies tries to approach us and tells us that we can also earn money without doing anything. These type of advertisements may come through Facebook posts it tweets or even as text messages delivered directly to your cell phone.  All what they ask you to do is simply invest your money and stay online for no reason and if you are lucky enough they might at times pay you back as well.

Recently in one of incident’s,  Delhi’s Special Task Force (STF) team has busted an online racket which manipulated 6 lakh people to invest their money in a scheme that guaranteed heavy returns for hitting online likes. The man behind all the propaganda is a 26-year-old B.Tech graduate, Anubhav Mittal. It is said that a total of Rs 3700 Crore is being frauded from over 6 lakh people.The two others involved in the scam are 40-year-old Shridhar Prasad, an MBA, and 25-year-old Mahesh Dayal, who served as a tech support for the team.


The investors were told that they will get a limited number of links that they will have to click on. The system of the website was that users just had to open a link given to them and click and like on it and a sum of 5 Rs would be credited in your account fro every click. The amount of links that a user would get depended on the amount of investment he made. And further if a user brought more investors than also they were promised of getting increment.


This Is How They Worked

The company Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited, was setted up to gain trust of users . After that, it was time to spin the main yarn. They sent out messages asking people to invest their money saying that the company got business from a third party to increase the client’s online hits on digital platforms. Different subscription plans were chalked out for different customers.

Now, this is where the scam got busted!

Links which were given to investors were all fake url’s that used to get terminated on the same server. Interestingly, the URLs that were sent out were links of other subscribers.  T In December 2016, a Social Trade website, was transferred to Next month, it was again transferred twice. First to and the to frenzzup.comAmit Pathak, the man who lead the STF team said, “People had to subscribe by choosing plans which started  from Rs 5,750, Rs 11,500, Rs 28,750 and Rs 57,500. After that the users would get a user ID and password . We found there was no business from any third party for getting online hits. The probe shows the accused had set up a fake server in Ghaziabad and the URL links terminated on the same server.”

Mittal and his team had rented a four storey apartment at a rent of Rs 7 Lakh per month for their office. The STF team caught over 250 fake passports that all belonging to the employees and technicians of the fraudsters who were to be rewarded with a trip to Australia.

The police during their investigation got Rs 520 crore deposited in 12 accounts of the company registered in Canara Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank and Axis Bank. Even when the scam was busted many investors protested against cops saying that they were receiving their payments. However, the number of protesters against the fraudsters outnumbered their support. A total of over one lakh complaints were registered against the company through mails, FIRs and every other possible way.

Another example that shows the potential of unemployed B-Tech graduate.


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