Mumbai Man | Amazing Mantra
Mumbai Man | Amazing Mantra

Mumbai Man: Recently a 49 years old Mumbai Man,suffering from end-stage heart failure  who was waiting for a transplant for years, has now got an iron man like assist device which is worth Rs90 lakh implanted onto his chest which is linked to the heart to keep it pumping. The doctors claim that this is the first such surgery of its kind in western and central India.

The implant is called LVAD ( Left Ventricular Assist Device), which partially or completely restores the function of a failing heart.

The 49 year old Mumbai Man Arvind Doshi is a businessman, who suffered a myocardial infarction (heart attack) five years ago which led to a congestive heart failure, a chronic condition in which the heart doesn’t pump blood as it should. He was further shortlisted for a transplant, but because of  the absence of a donor, doctors decided to use the implant.

According to the doctors his conditions worsened, confining him at home for six months. Doshi had suffered from a severe infection, end-stage heart failure, pulmonary tuberculosis and swelling in lungs, which would make a transplant risky.

Dr Anvay Mulay, head of the cardiac and after properly understanding the case got ready with the transplant team, and decided to perform a LVAD implant surgery on Doshi. Further now the surgery which was made to make the transplant easy earlier has right now became a permanent solution to this heart failure management system. In future such technology can be used to treat patients whose match is not found.

Accordint to the Experts, the device enhances the quality of life.

Doshi’s brother Jitendra was initially sceptical about the outcome. “The way Dr Mulay approached my brother rid me of my fears.”

What  is Thoratec HeartMate III LVAD.?

The most advanced technology available till date, that works the on principal of Magnetic Levitate and in recent studies done by the industry, suggests, that it has very low rate of thromboembolism, which was a major cause of concern in the earlier generations


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