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How to Earn From Bitcoin Mining | Omnia-Tech ( Genesis Mining )

Omnia-tech Journey: Hey Everyone. My name Is Chirag Sharma,19. I am a digital marketer and also in college right now, and was looking to earn some passive income online for a long time. And this time I am damn sure that I am going to make around 1 million dollars by the mid of 2018. And can also guide you get out of this financial crisis.

All I ever wanted from childhood was to get out of this middle-class category and the urge to become rich always motivated me. And 6 months back luckily i heard about bitcoin. A cryptocurrency that was worth 27$ for 5,000 bitcoins in 2009. And today it has grown to 7500$ for 1 bitcoin. Imagine if you bought 1 of these a few years ago.

We analyzed its growth for quite some time and as soon as it went down we invested some money in it in May this year and till now we have made double of that amount.

6 Ways to earn from omnia tech | Chirag sharma | amazing mantra

Soon we learned about a company OMNIA ( omnia-tech ) which is in partnership with Genesis mining one of the biggest mining company. And understood about this and joined it. And made 200$ in the first week itself. It is the easiest way to earn online in this era Where almost everyone knows about cryptocurrency and wants to earn a lot of money.

Omnia provides you an opportunity to choose between different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum. And has different plans starting at 100$.

It gives you assured returns of 10% Per month in your external wallet. The good thing about this is that you can also earn by referring this to other people. Omnia gives a direct 10% commission if someone joins with your help. And also has an extra 10% For Binary Bonus that means if you add someone to your right side and also to your right leg your pair is completed and you get additional 10% commission.

Example: If you buy it’s 500$ package than you will get 10% per month in your external wallet ( Zebpay, blockchain or whichever waller you choose). And if you refer someone and they join with your referral link a package on 500$ on your right side. Then you will make 10% because of direct commission similarly if you add another person to your right you will make 10% again + binary bonus that is 10%.
Total= 50$ + 50$ + 50$ = 150$

And all this is just an initial structure. You will earn a binary commission on every right and left pair. And if one side of your leg gets boosted. Then you just have to work on your right leg. I’ll explain more about this in another article.

P.S: USE BLOCKCHAIN Account if you don’t have any Wallet.
Soon I am going to add new posts and videos for your guidance.

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