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Whatsapp Tips and tricks | Amazing Mantra

Latest WhatsApp Tricks And Cheats | Whatsapp tricks online

Latest WhatsApp Tricks And Cheats 2017  : WhatsApp one of the leading messenger in the whole world right now which has changed the definition of messaging, chatting and calling a facility provided to the user for free. It has over 1.2 billion users monthly and is constantly increasing. WhatsApp has been primarily used for chatting, voice calling,video calling. But do you know that you can do a number of other things too. Well, Here are a few whatsapp tricks and cheats that can help your user experience to use more features. And these whatsapp tricks and cheats are surely going to help you explore more.


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  1. You Can use whatsapp to store your important data such as ideas, important messages, scanned documents and every other important details that you wished to keep somewhere save and also from where you can easily access it. Well there is trick in whatsapp which is going to help you like your own personal storage from which you can quickly transfer web links, documents. other files and can also access it in your desktop that too without having to register anywhere.
  2. How can i do it.? Well here’s the trick you just have create a new contact a virtual contact in whatsapp. And than you just have to share with this virtual contact you important files and data.
  3. Yes, it is not at all possible to send whatsapp messages to your own number but there’s a simple trick to get this problem solved.


Here’s the full process how:

  • First of all just open your whatsapp account and add a new group.
  • Than Add any random contact from your address book. Than simply name your group and save.
  • Now just click on the group to see the added contact and then remove that contact from the group.
  • Trick Completed. Now you can share any important file in this group.

Now you know the trick to store your important documents in whatsapp and can also easily access it in your desktop by simply opening web.whatsapp.com and it is easily downloadable on you desktop too. Simply save the document by name you can easily remember so that you can easily find the data by its keyword later.

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