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Latest news india in hindi – India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion people and every other  second there is a news a breaking news which can also possibly be the worst incident in history or a normal incident. India because of its huge population is facing a number of problems and also which leads to unemployment which further leads youngsters to wrong path. These types of problems are common in day to day life in india.


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  • IBN Khabar.


Every person is struggling for his rights for his survival. Each and every person wants his own need to be fulfilled and do not keep in mind the need of other human beings. Infact they don’t even consider other people as human beings. For them their own needs are most important and only they focus only on their own comfort.

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latest news india in hindi

Every person has its own dreams but not everyone is willing to sacrifice for what they want,


so instead of doing all the efforts they further prefer to find a shortcut which leads them to a wrong place. And further once in their whole lives are destroyed and after that even if they are willing to get away from it they are unable to move back as it is like a trap which completely destroys a person. Today nothing is certain any person around you can be dangerous as everyone has became greedy. And this is the main reason which leads to crimes. We never know that what exactly is going to happen the other second. It can be anything and can literally effect someone’s life badly.


Latest news india hindi:

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Aap ki kranti is a hindi newspaper based on aam aadmi party’s recent works and lets people know about the work it does. As because of many factors media do not cover it as much as it should do. So this paper was started with an idea of letting other people know about this party and what its real intentions are. That this is the party which is going to create a revolution in India and is going to end corruption from each and every department.


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