Kashmere Gate Accident | Amazing Mantra
Kashmere Gate Accident | Amazing Mantra

Kashmere Gate Accident : The foothpath killer who killed people on the spot, a Class XII student ran over four people near north Delhi’s Kashmere Gate during the morning on Thursday is still unidentified, one of the three injured in the incident had to be put on a ventilator on Friday.

The three seriously injured people on the footpath were identified as Asif, Sanjay and Karan alias Kuldeep.

The police said that Asif, whose jaw has been broken, has been put on a ventilator.

According to a senior police hospital His condition is now very critical. And it is not certain that he may or may not survive. Further adding that Sanjay one of the victim is still undergoing treatment but is finally out of danger. Karan was discharged on Thursday.

Another victim is assumed to be in his 40’s but is still unidentified as it is very difficult to identify such people as they have no idea that who is sitting next to them.

According to officials It was only a coincidence that he was sleeping on the day of accident, that’s the main reason that others around have no idea about him. Sanjay said he has been on the pavement for many years, but didn’t know the man who passed away. Meanwhile, Asif is still not in any condition to talk..

The police are showing the picture of the deceased to other pavement dwellers and will be giving it to newspapers for publishing.

Currently,  the 18-year-old accused  is in Tihar jail and right now it is uncertain that he’ll be able to take his exam on April 29. “As He has his board exam next week. It is right now a big issue infront of his that how he can take the exam,” said a member close to the family.

The family gave their statemtent that the teenager suffers from epilepsy and takes medicine for the condition.


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