Jio vs Airtel: Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel is at the dispute yet again. While, earlier it was Airtel bombarding allegations on the new rival Jio, now the latter has gone all out in putting accusation on the India’s largest network provider that is jio. In the latest fight among RJio and Airtel, the allegation is about ‘misleading consumers’. Reliance Jio has reportedly moved to TRAI and has claimed that Bharti’s Airtel has been breaking the regulation rules and conditions by publicizing ‘misleading’ tariffs through the advertisements. Jio’s another controversy that Airtel’s offers and plans are a partiality against some users. As per  Reliance Jio’s statement, Airtel’s new plans for 4G users (Rs 293 and Rs 449 plans) are valid and beneficial only for users who have a 4G smartphone and have chosen 4G connections


As per agency reports, Jio had filed a accusation with TRAI a few days back, in which it claimed that the tariffs by Airtel are advertising in a ‘misleading’ way and it is a ‘gross violation of current telecom laws’. It also said that the plans differentiate between several types of subscribers out there. Jio also had said that the offers provide users with 1GB data per day and the offer is valid for 70 days, but customers who doesn’t have 4G smartphone, will get 50MB data. Jio stated in its complaint that: “The subscribers who do not satisfy Airtel’s dual criteria, will be provisioned only 50 MB data and post that, they will be charged the excessive data tariff of Rs 4,000 per GB.”


As per a PTI report, Jio wants TRAI to ‘put the highest penalty on Airtel’. It has also asked a withdrawal on the offers and its plans. Bharti has refused the claims and allegations, and said that, “Airtel is in full concord of all regulatory guidelines, including Tariff Orders. We categorically deny these allegations. Discounts are a standard lever in the arsenal of any business – be it e-commerce, telecom, insurance or aviation etc – and companies deploy these from time to time”. It included that it is only Jio’s gait to blame other companies for its own problems and network issues. It also said, “In fact, it is Jio that that has been blatantly disregarding all guidelines and directions of the Trai.”

What are the Rs 293 and Rs 449 plans?

Airtel has mentioned the two offers on its Terms & Conditions page. All the details of the offers and plans has been put under the ‘4G Special Acquisition Offers’. this is what Airtel says it offers you, under the tariff plans:

“For 4G Handsets : With INR 293/- plan (MRP as per table in clause 1): Unlimited Local + STD A2A Mobile Calls (subject to fair usage policy) + 1 GB data per day (only available for 4G handsets with 4G Sim) for a period of fifty-six(56) days.

For Other Handset: With INR 293/- plan (MRP as per table in clause 1): Unlimited Local + STD A2A Mobile calls (subject to fair usage policy) + 1GB for a period of thirty-five (35) days.



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