How to earn money online in india | Amazing Mantra
How to earn money online in india | Amazing Mantra

How to earn money online in india | Amazing Mantra

How to earn money online in india . ? I know it is a very hard thing to find simple things especially when it comes to money. And in this article i am not going to tell you that filling surveys can make you earn or any such fake thing. I just want you to know about the things you can work on for earning and what you are  going to learn in this article is surely going to change your perspective on searching things the way you do. I will be giving you the opportunity by which you can earn online and that too most of it  in this article only.


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So starting with topic: How to earn money online in india

Earning money be it anywhere is not a simple task it requires dedication, hard work, efforts. In this article i am going to cover some topics and there would be surely some words which you wont understand so for your ease i am going to provide links within it. So you would just have to click on the word for more information regarding that topic.


The topic that i am going to explain you about is Blogging.. And trust me you would love this thing…

So, what is blogging. How do we do it? How much am i going to earn from it? These questions are very normal if you are new to blogging or are struggling to earn a few bucks utilizing your time on internet.YOU CAN EARN EASILY BETWEEN A 100$ to 1000$/mo within a year. All that matters is your keyword.  And your strategy of promoting your website and content. Blogging means to write about a topic that you know about or  that you have interest in. From personal experience blogging can make you earn enough, such that you can easily fulfill your dreams. But all it requires is patience and some knowledge. You just have to get into its depth if you are expecting a loads of money from it.

If you are thinking to earn passive income from blogging that too is possible from blogging. I am going to cover all the topics related to earning from blogging today. So just have patience. Trust me spending time reading this article would be worth your time.

Keywords : Most essential, crucial, important or we can the soul of internet

What are keywords.? How to use keywords ? Keywords are the term we use to search on internet. For example if you want to buy shoes online you simply type “buy shoes online” and a number of results comes to your screen.

Google Search Competition | Amazing Mantra
Google Search Competition | Amazing Mantra


In this as you can see what is paid ads and what is organic ads or unpaid ads. You can also see that there are About 12,60,00,000 results that means there are these many pages which provides the information related to your keyword. These results are called competition. If you write about something first of all you just have to do a keyword research and according to competition and monthly searches you have to choose your keyword. If you successfully choose a keyword which has very low competition and higher results than it is very easy for you to rank higher.


How to find monthly searches on a keyword: Simply download The Chrome plugin from here 


After that it would be easy for you to find monthy searches on your keyword.

Choosing a keyword or finding a keyword which has low competition and high monthly searches is the toughest job in whole blogging thing.


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Step 1. Choose your keyword according to interest.

Step 2. Do a proper keyword research on it. ( Use Keyword Research Tool on Adwords. )

Step 3. Select atleast 30 keywords.

Step 4. Write articles on those keywords.

Step 5. Purchase a domain ( A website name for eg. if you have interest in fashion just find a simple and specific  domain like ) 

Step 6. Purchase Hosting: For discount on Hostgator Click here. Hostgator has the fastest service and easy downloads.

Step 7. Install WordPress

Step 8. Choose theme

Step 9. Add pages according to your interest and keyword research.

Step 10. Publish 5 articles in a month and submit your url on search console. Than after 1 month apply for adsense approval and than post atleast a single article per day.


By simply doing such things a minimum of 100$/ month is expected within 3-4 months.

There are many such ways which i am soon going to publish. Further you can read more blogs from Amazing Mantra. Happy Reading.




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