Since childhood,i was always curious to know that how can a box of computer be a source of income a way to earn money i thought that if that was too easy than why not the whole world is just sitting at homes and earning. Why is my dad going to office? That time the fact was that internet was even not to popular and earning money form internet was just like a fairy tale for me atleast till the date someone of my friend or relative does not shows me the proof. Everytime i used to see some ads on internet like work from home i used to click on it and explore but everytime i closed my computer disappointed. But one day my uncle told my dad about a MLM company ( Speakasia ) the one that literally gave money for just completing surveys and adding more people it was like something very easy a source that provided easy money and that too without doing anything we earned a quite good money from it. But unfortunately happiness doesnt lasted too long and one day that website stopped giving anymore money and finally the owners ran away taking all the money. Than what? everyone was a bit upset and came back to real life. struggle. After that numerous such companies came but this time we knew that it has an end and is soon going to finish. Even After completing my 12th my curiosity did not ended and i  joined a advanced digital marketing course from DSIM ( Delhi School Of Internet Marketing ) It was a course of 2 months and i spent around 60k for that. It taught me many things some things that i know and some i always wanted to know. It was a concept clearer for me.  Even though it was not something that i can quickly earn money from but i learned a few techniques that can help me do so.

Coming to the point Now i am going to tell you a few techniques that can help you make money according to my experience.

  1. Create an online Store and Start selling

Trust me this thing can make you quick rich just go to a near buy whole sale market get its quotes take its pictures and upload them on your website with a margin for yourself and start promoting your website on your facebook etc. And if you have some unique products than surely you are going to get numerous buyers, It’s a very easy thing you can also provide them delivery through some courier companies that are nowadays very affordable.


2. Invest In Stock Market

Stock Market is the most easy form of money but the only thing you need is decent money to invest. An uncle of mine is earning approx 1 lac of money per month by just investing 15lacs. I am now going to learn from him and will surely going to tell you after learning.


3. Niche Blogging

Most simple work. Just buy a domain and hosting and make a simple blog site. post 20 blogs. Get adsense approval but after applying constantly keep on posting 2-3 articles. After that wait for approval and keep earning


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