Google Penguin Update | Amazing Mantra
Google Penguin Update | Amazing Mantra

For those of you who don’t know what Google Penguin is: Google has its own criteria of ranking websites and because Google is such a big company and earning a limitless amount of money, it has no interest in telling people about its algorithms. Ultimately the blog owners website themselves tried to figure this out and after trying one or two things they started understanding Google’s algorithm. They understood Google’s Basic Criteria which included: backlinking, content limit, relevant content etc.


Everything was going well everyone was earning enough amount of money for themselves but suddenly Google released its new update of Google Penguin which was a really bad hit on a number of bloggers and website owners. They noticed a huge fall in their income, traffic and were now trying to figure out what is to be done now. And finally after working on the solution built their new strategy which is building trustworthy links, content worth 1000 words minimum etc.


The main reason behind google penguin update was to identify sites that are spamming its search results mostly those type of people who were buying linked networks just to boost Google Ranking.



If You are a blogger or a website owner You can too identify if your website is affected or not.

If you have a running website from a long time then it is possible that you would have probably felt the same wave that drowned a number of people. You can still check if your blog or website is affected or not by typing the keyword you used to rank for and see at the search results. You can also identify where exactly you did wrong by simply logging on to Search Console’s account.


The other way is having a  look on your traffic. If your traffic has some drastic downfall that surely means that you are hit by a penguin.  And in that case either your web design is not suitable or you have spam or broken links in your website. And incase there is upliftment in traffic than that means you are benefited from Penguin.

Steps Of Recovery After Getting Hit By Penguin Update?

As Google Penguin Update majorly target on spams, so first of all you need to all the spams you might possess. In most cases Google send messages about spam activity. You have to log on to your Google Webmaster Central to see those messages and also need to verify that account if have not done so in past.

It becomes easy to rectify your problems if google has itself messaged you regarding the problems of your website.


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