Uttar Pradesh-

A village in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) has declared a fine of Rs. 21,000 for girls seen using the mobile devices in public – which, surprisingly or maybe shockingly, has been listed as a “crime” like drinking, gambling and cow slaughter.

The new rule was proclaimed by a Panchayet or rural council on Tuesday in Madora, a mainly Muslim village which is 30 km from Mathura. penalty range from Rs. 11,000 to 2 lakh for numerous “misdemeanors”. 

A councillor of the Panchayat, Ghaffar Khan,said this in the manner of justifying this rule. “Most of the females that we have here are uneducated and illiterate. Why would they need a phone?”
He also said, “We haven’t really banned women from using mobile phones. But whatever is happening, should be happen according to our tradition and customs.”

the police told that the villagers of this area of Mathura believes that this rule will stop the interactions between men and women. They think that the phone is the reason of affairs so they don’t want their girls to use the mobile.

“Some of the people living there wanted to deal with some wrong deeds themselves so we gave them liberty  to take steps to assure there are no crimes,” senior police officer Arun Kumar Singh said.
“We are supporting their measures against illegal things but if there is something that is against the liberty of women, then we will not tolerate this. Such rules are against the constitution and we will take action against it,” he added.

Three years ago, a rural area in Muzaffarnagar banned females from wearing jeans or using mobile devices. 


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