According to recent research intelligent people are found to be more lazy compared to others

Gifted adults problem: According to a recent research which proved that brainy people tend to spend their most of the time being lazy than being active.

US Based Report suggests that people with higher IQ are easily bored(gifted adults problem), which leads them in deep thoughts and spend their most of the time thinking.

So in order to escape from this boredom they usually get involved in physical activities.


Chocolate Considered Beneficial For Brain

Chocolate Considered Beneficial For Brain
Chocolate Considered Beneficial For Brain


Chocolate is useful for your cerebrum

Researchers after a proper research found that chocolate is considered beneficial for the brain.

Researchers suggest that people who are more intelligent should get involved in physical activities in order to stay healthy.

“Awareness of their tendency to be less active, coupled with an awareness of the cost associated with inactivity, more thoughtful people may then choose to become more active throughout the day.”

What is “Intelligence”?

Till date, most of the people believed that intelligence is something that cannot be increased. They had in mind that intelligence is something that is genetic. And also a number of people accept that they are not smart. But the truth is that intelligence can be increased all it requires is practice and efforts.

The word intelligence does not precisely means to have a knowledge about facts and the world around us. It means to increase fluid intelligence that means how much capacity do you have to learn new information, retain it and then applying it in general life.

How to Increase Intelligence


  1. Fluid intelligence can be trained.


2. Training and your progress depend upon your efforts the more you practice the more you will grow.


3. Anyone can increase their cognitive ability, It is possible for each and every one to increase their ability irrespective of what they are now.


Further, gifted adults problems of boredom can be solved easily by just getting involved in physical activities.


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