How to make money From Internet | Chirag Sharma
How to make money From Internet | Chirag Sharma

Genuine Ways From Which You Can Earn From Internet | Chirag Sharma


After doing a lots of research on the internet I never found a number of ways to earn online, which ever site I visited resulted in a scam which took money from people and gave very low revenue and most of the times such companies used to run away just within a few months of starting. Or the websites which gave very low income after doing a lots of work and wasting time. In this article I am going to share my experience on Earning From Internet. I remember that I searched ways to earn money online since I was 13. But never found a genuine way to earn money from any of the website.



Blogging:  If you have a particular passion or a topic which you have a lot to share about so this is it. A way to earn from your passion. And it is going to take around 4 months,  but I personally assure you that after 4 months you will be able to monitor your earnings in your phone itself. I will personally guide you in all the way of setting up your account.

Affiliate Marketing: This can be a great source of marketing if you have a good network, or even if you buy frequently online. In this type of work no effort is required and is also known as easy money only if you have a good network.

Youtube: On the basis of my experience youtube is a slow process and Is mainly used for self branding. So if you are anyhow thinking of earning a lot from youtube just drop this idea. But if you are not so much concerned about earnings than keep on uploading your videos and god know that if your video went viral you can become an overnight star.

Sell Your Used Stuff : Nowadays it is just a matter of click to buy or sell anything. So if you have things which are no longer required you can easily post them on sites like olx, quikr and earn from it.

 Become A Website Tester:  If you think that you can review about any website, than you can simply logon to and create an account. It is going to take your sample test and will let you know if you are selected.

Note :It totally depends on your interest that how much efforts are you willing to put in it. Right Now I am looking for potential topics on blogging and willing to help you in every way I can. So just contact me if you are interested in any way below. And I assure you that I am going to assist you in all your way.

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