Finger Shapes : I know, you’re maybe thinking like “what does finger shapes have to do with my personality?” But, the truth is that you can learn quite a bit about yourself based on the how your fingers look like.

In the picture above there are three different types of finger shapes and they measure the length of your pinky finger. Find which type of these A,B,C best describes your fingers and then read below to find out more about you!


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Type A

Type A people have characteristics that tell about ur finger shapes

  • Being emotionally protected. It’s not easy for you to share your feelings and you typically present a version of yourself that is stronger and powerful than how you truly feel.
  • You hate when people lie to you or to anybody else, especially if it’s a friend or someone you trusted that has been dishonest.
  • You have a low tolerance level and some people would consider you arrogant and egoistic.
  • You are a hard worker and you have that potential , however, and  you like helping other people when they need it.
  • You are typically cold and nostalgic towards people you don’t know very well, and incredibly ardent and emotional towards the people you love, like your friends and family.

Type B
Type B people present traits such as:

  • Being loyal and faithful to both friends and valueble others. Your partners are always given you proper attention and are a priority in your mind.
  • You are more sensitive and emotional than you let on. You will mostly go out of your way to make sure that there are no hard feelings among the group.
  • You tend to complete everything that you start because of a need to honor commitments and promises.
  • You’re very patient and calm in situations and in some circumstances where you are uncomfortable or irritated.
  • In your heart, you’re scared of getting hurt, so you actively act the image of a person who don’t  need a partner. The reality, however, is that you’re just looking for the right person.

Type C
Type C people can be described as followings:

  •  They are Honest and straightforward. You’re well aware of who you are and what it is that you do and do not like, your mind is not confuse.
  • egoisitc at some times, but you are always willing to offer apologies when lines get crossed.
  • Never putting someone else down just because their opinions and point of view differs from others’.
  • Doesn’t like to go outside  of their comfort zone. Change is scary and transitioning into the something strange is uncomfortable,

Finger shapes can tell alot about a person just a bit of knowledge is required to learn those skills. It is further more interesting and helps in developing skills which is way more interesting to explore and is fun.reading finger shapes have became a trend now as it is fun andYou can also learn more about finger shapes by reading the above article and for more such articles you can drop comment in the box below. Or you can even contact us at



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