Finger Shape disease | Finger shapes
Finger Shape disease | Finger shapes

Finger Shapes Disease : Finger Shapes Disease Till this time the world has progressed to such a stage that a person can easily tell about health disease one has and can further try to prevent them. According to a research which tells that a person’s health can be determined by simply having a look at the shapes of fingers Scientists have said that early heart disease can be identified by looking at the fingers and further precautions can be taken to prevent them. Like if a person’s ring finger is equal to or shorter than his index finger that means he has major risk of heart attacks in his early forty’s.

Further there are precaution major for such situation like low salt diet and some regular exercise just to keep their hearts healthy and to prevent future risks.

Know about other things about shapes

Risks Like:

  1. Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is usually said to be identified when your index finger is longer or shorter than your ring finger. According to a research it is said that men with longer index fingers have a minimum chance that they don’t have such disease. As in the past year more than 1500 cancer patients were observed and they all had this common thing.


  1. Stroke

Strokes are basically the white type of half sphere on your nails. Also known as lunulas: which is basically the birth place of nail cells. It can be clearly seen in your thumb. And has more or less effect on other fingers.

Ever wondered what these mean.?

Well, if it is white than you don’t have to worry much. But if incase it is purple than it indicates lack of blood in body and is a pure warning of stroke according to scientists. The daily remedy for such diseases are green tea and having natural food. Finge shapes disease


  1. Skills Related to Money

It is said that men who have fingers longer than their index finger are said to inherit business talents and are said to work more efficiently. It is said that men with longer fingers earned atmost 10 times more than men with shorter fingers.Finger Shapes Disease




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