Indian fashion market going Digital | Amazing Mantra
Indian fashion market going Digital | Amazing MantraOnline shopping website on laptop screen with female hands using a smartphone

Fashion Market Worth 30 Billion Dollars: According to recent report the revolution of digital marketing is growing day by day mainly because of mobile devices today 85 percent of people prefer online shopping compared to other devices.

And it is estimated that nearly $30 billion of the current fashion market in which 70 percent of apparel markets are branded are going to be digitally influenced till 2020.

Today approximately from $70 billion Fashion Industry in India $7-9 billion has already gone digital. And This influence is increasing day by day and is expected to multiply nearly four times till 2020 and is expected that this figure is going to increase till $30 billion.

The major reason behind the stats is price. When a user buys online he has a variety of choosing between a number of products which includes branded as well as the non branded products all at one place. And that’s why they are in a position to choose between the better one and also is cheaper than the one that are sold in the markets.

E-commerce is able to bridge the gap and bring fashion closer to consumers in smaller markets.


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