E-garbage Vending Machine | Amazing Mantra
E-garbage Vending Machine | Amazing Mantra

If you have any unused mobile, keyboard, mouse or headphone and you are going to throw it in the garbage, then tell you that you can earn in return. Yes, at Connaught Place and India Gate, you will soon get good money in exchange for all these things. The country’s first e-waste vedding machine has been here. In collaboration with the Government of India and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), a start-up company has taken this project on the lines of New York.


On Friday, after bringing Pune from Delhi, these machines have been kept near 8 blocks of Connaught Place and India Gate. However, for a week now software will be installed to install it. After this, the public will get its facility. In this machine, after inserting a plastic bottle, one bottle of beer and two will be found. However, the company has not yet displayed the amount of money that will be available under the e-waste. According to an employee, after getting the machine, the right information will be available.


After putting the empty bottle of water in the machine, you will be able to access your account with finger prints. To open the account, download the related company’s app in mobile. Each time the bucks will continue to accumulate in this e-wall. You can transfer money from the company to the smart card given by the company and you can transfer the money from the e-wall. This company will also provide movie tickets and so on.




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