Finally, Justice To Nirbhaya

On Friday The Supreme Court announced the death penalty for– Akshay who’s age is 31, Pawan who’s age is 22 , Vinay who’s age is 23 and Mukesh who’s age is 29, these four are the culprits of the 16 December Nirbhaya gang rape case.


The convicts had challenged the Delhi High Court judgement which had sentenced them to be hanged till death. Earlier, the trial court also announced the judgment for them that’s was also the death penalty .


on December 16 2012, six people gang raped a 23-year-old girl Nirbhaya in a moving bus. The girl was coming from a movie with her friend, they didn’t find any DTC bus, a tourist bus came and they board it. After they sat down the boys who were in the bus started abusing and then in minutes a fight occur between them.

They hit the girl’s friend with an iron rod and raped the girl. The girl and her friend was brutally attacked by the 6 boys. The girl succumbed to her injuries in a Singapore hospital on Dec 2012. One of those 6 , Ram Singh hanged himself in the prison, while another boy, who was under age at the time of the crime, was convicted and served the maximum punishment of 3 years in a correctional home.


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