Cyber hub Social | Amazing Mantra
Cyber hub Social | Amazing Mantra

Cyber hub gurgaon : Recent ban on liquor has now been lifted and to celebrate this , Cyber Hub Social is hosting a week-long boozy festival starting from May 6.Yeah thats absolutely true and above that now you you can score drinks for the ridiculously low price of INR 21.

Cyber hub gurgaon: Who Is It For?

Since the deal is only valid between 3pm and 6pm, head here if you’re on leave from work, between jobs or if you have a relatively easy-going boss. If none of the above apply, there’s always Saturday {May 6} and Sunday {May 7}. Thank God for the weekend to cyber hub gurgaon.

Why Should I Go For It?

Social’s cocktails are rather well-known – they’re the perfect balance of flavor and potency. So, the chance to sample them for INR 21 is a really, really good deal. Plus, there’s lots of variety – there’s a different drink for every day of the week. Kick off the festival by chugging beer, Trip On The Drip on Sunday, try Social’s best-selling Screwdriver on Monday and order yourself the famed Benarasi Patiala on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Banta is up for grabs for INR 21, swirl the fruit in your Sangria {like fancypants do} on Thursday and go out with a bang with the LIITs on Friday.

Anything Else?

The discounted drinks are capped at two per person; full price applies on every drink after that.


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