Cyber Attack | Tech News | Amazing Mantra
Cyber Attack | Tech News | Amazing Mantra

Cyber Attack : Recently a bunch of Indian Companies got infected by a cyber attack which caused a major damage to many companies the cyber-attack hit PCs across 99 countries.

Indian Companies affected by the attack were two banks in South India, two manufacturing companies in Delhi, one MNC, corporate headquarter which was MUMBAI BASED. And over 100 PC’s of Andhra Pradesh Police Station has been affected.

According to the security experts the extent of damage is estimated to be a lot higher and it is said that many companies have been hit. As the attack happened during the weekend the exact assessment it to be done on monday.

“Many Indian based Companies have been hit. There has been an exponential rise in ransomware cases in the last one year. Today, cybercriminals have become extremely tech savvy, and each ransomware has its own unique way of encrypting machines. Attacks are increasingly targeted with the intent to cause disruption and financial gain.

The ransomware affects the end-user PCs that don’t have a patch to prevent the malware from infecting the system.

The malware spread quickly on Friday as companies and government organisations reported computer lockdowns by the ransomware across the world.

While globally organisations like UK’s National Health Services (NHS) and companies like Renault, fedex and Telefonica have come out and announced they were hit but no Indian company has come out and announced that their PCs were compromised.

Experts say, the worm is a variant of the National Security Agency tool EternalBlue that was stolen by the hacker group The Shadow Brokers in April.

The leading cyber-security firm Avast has said that it had seen 75,000 cases of ransomware and its variants around the globe at last count.

The cyber experts say that there has been spike in the case of ransomeware attacks on Indian companies, and in last three months, there have been 25-30 cases where companies have been hit by malware.


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