Contacts+ is a contacts management application that aims to beautify the most basic part of your mobile which is your contacts. It integrates lots of information from your contacts’ social media profiles and it lets you to tap into other applications as well. contacts+ iphone users are also very satisfied with this applications

Contacts+ intends to change 3 core apps on your Android mobile that is Phone, Contacts and SMS. It takes care of managing your contacts and giving it a meaningful way. It does a so much better job than the default Contacts app on Android. Contacts+ has SMS integration also and you can turn on the feature during the startup procedure. Contacts+ supports a block for call logs but if you want a dedicated dialer app, you should download the fellow app, Dialer+ from the Contacts+ team .

contacts app download option are available on google play store as well as on ios.
On launch, Contacts+ will ask you to connect your Facebook and Google+ accounts. It will scan your Contacts and your social media profiles and links the phone contacts to the relevant profiles. So your friend’s latest Facebook display picture is now their dialer icon in your device. Contacts+ takes care of this all by itself only. Linking my friend’s Facebook profile/images with their contact takes so much time when I tried to do it a few years ago but not now anymore. It involves syncing my Facebook contacts with Yahoo and then using a application. In short, it was a big mess and the result was nowhere near as good as Contacts+. You can browse your friend’s Facebook feed and pictures right from the contacts+. When you are seeing any contact, you get a sidebar with a selection of applications that can use to contact with the same contact. Tapping on the Hangouts icon will take you to the Hangouts app directly with the conversation view for your contact open and ready to run. It works the same with WhatsApp also.

Contacts+ scans your call history and shows the contacts you interact the most with, first. Just like every other social application since the release of iOS 7, Contacts+ also uses circular cropped pictures. excluding a few glitches here and there, it does look better. When you press and hold on a contact, you get 3 options that pop up with a impressive animation – Call, SMS and Email. You can swipe your finger to the desired option and release to choose it. As this is a nice touch, the delay is a bit too long. From the actions bar up top, you can change from contacts to SMS or call log. The SMS connection is feature rich. You get fast reply popups for every new msg and the conversation view is nice also.

You can use Contacts+ to link social media accounts with your contacts and leave it at that. But you shouldn’t do that. Even if you don’t wish to download the Dialer+, Contacts+ in itself can be a nice replacement for the mobile application. The homescreen gives you with 15 odd contacts you interact with the most. And Contacts+ gets this ryt. You will hardly have to scroll down to find a contact. Of course, not everybody you know uses Facebook or Google+ so expect a few stock pictures for some contacts in your phone. Thankfully you can assign display picture by yourself. Open up the contact and on the bottom right side of the cover photo you’ll find a camera icon there. From there you can import any picture from your gallery. If you wish to override it as the current display picture, tap on the same camera icon again and choose Set as profile pic.

Contacts+ is not perfect. The photos got from Facebook and Google+ are not high-res enough for modern Android mobiles. So while they look nice as small icons in Contacts+ app, the call screen has a different story. Other than that there’s not much to complain about this app. Contacts+ gives you your text msgs, call logs and an intelligently sorts the list of your contacts bundled along while looking nice. It can also be a fast way to start a Hangouts/Whatsapp conversation with your closest contacts. Contacts+ is not just a pretty app, it beautifies your contacts also. Contacts+ is one of the few apps that manages to look for a permanent place on my dock (replacing the mobile app). And that’s huge praise. Contacts+ is available Free on Google Play store.


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