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Blue Whale Challenge: Trending News, the recent increase in suicide because of a new game is giving popularity to this game “Blue Whale Challenge”.


What Exactly is Blue Whale Challenge?

Blue Whale Challenge List | Amazing Mantra
Blue Whale Challenge List | Amazing Mantra

The Blue Whale Challenge is an online game which is very dangerous and once installed can lead a person to serious issues.

Recently many teens have committed suicides because of taking this Blue whale challenge seriously. This game was built by russians and is now spread all over the internet.


Warning  Do Not Install

This app has taken many lives as it has insane challenges. Just for your knowledge, the image of its challenges is given in the post. This game is played in some closed groups only. And it is said that this app hacks all your phone content and then misuses it.


This game encourages self-harm. And is the reason of many recent self-harming activities. As this has challenges such as jumping off the roof, cutting your own hands and similar serious tasks are given in the game.


The reason that blue whale challenge is going viral is it is very quickly spreading across the world. And leading to concerns to the parents all over the world.


It is said that once you are involved in this game than it becomes very hard to get out also this app can not be removed once installed in a system.

According to reports, this viral challenge has led to 140 suicides combined in Russia and Europe.


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Main Reason Behind These Incidents

The main reason is said to be the challenges in these games. There is a total of 50 challenges in which the last challenge is to jump off the roof and kill yourself. It is said that once the app is installed it hacks into your pictures, contacts and then blackmails you to do all that stuff. But if once installed this app cannot be uninstalled.


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