Anchor Supreet Kaur | AMAZING MANTRA
Anchor Supreet Kaur | AMAZING MANTRA

Supreet Kaur is a news anchor in a local news channel of Chattisgarh and recently will shooting she was reading the breaking news of her husband’s death in a road accident, which left her totally shocked her all the colleagues were speechless by her commitments.

The fatal accident involved Renault Duster at Pithara in Mahasamund district.

According to The reports three of the five people travelling in the vehicle were dead. At that time it was not specific that who exactly died but, Kaur had a doubt it could be her husband. As He too was travelling in Renault Duster and that too on the same route and with same number of companions as reported.

She did broke down, but only after walking out of the TV studio after the news hour.

Her every colleague was literally shaked and literally believed her as the bravest lady.

Kaur was just 28 and was married 2 years ago.

She immediately left after reporting directly to the incident scene..


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