EVM aap
EVM aap

Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) today reiterated its allegation of tampering of Electronic Voting Manchines(EVMs) in the recently concluded assembly elections in five stagtes and sought the validation of all EVMs used with VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) system.

H.S.Phoolka leader of opposition in Punjab Vidhan Sabha in a statement issued here said that the incident of default setting of an EVM linked with VVPAT to BJP symbol during trial for assembly by-poll of Bhind in Madhya Pradesh has vindicated the AAP allegations that EVM were tampered with by ruling party. “AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal had brought the matter in the notice of Chief Election Commissioner of India but no heed was paid to it”, he added.

Phoolka said that AAP and Congress party had demanded use of ballot paper in the Delhi assembly elections and Delhi Election Commission had turned down the demand. He said that now it was moral duty of Congress party to support AAP for validation of all EVMs used with VVPAT in the assembly elections. He said that alleged tampering of EVMs was bigger conspiracy to hijack the election system and a serious threat to democracy in India from BJP.

Phoolka said that all opposition parties shall take united stand on the issue to save the democracy. He also reiterated the demand for use of trditional method of ballot papers in all future electins till the time the doubts about EVMs are not cleared.

Phoolka also condemned the behaviour of State Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh who threatened journalists asking not to publish the matter of EVM fraud in the media.

It is unfortunate that instead of taking due action, the Election Commission is issuing political statement on the issue of EVM tampering. The incident of EVM tampering in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, where the VVPAT enabled EVM printed BJP’s election symbol Lotus irrespective of the button pressed during a mock trial, has made it clear that Electronic Voting Machines are not tamper-proof. The incident shook the faith of millions of Indian voters in the impartiality of the Election Commission and the entire process of elections using Electronic Voting Machines.
The incident of Bhind has shown that the Election Commission has completely failed in its duty to protect the EVMs and the integrity of the election process and therefore failed in fulfilling its constitutional obligation of conducting free and fair elections.
The Aam Aadmi Party urges the Election Commission that for the sake of the institution’s dignity and credibility, it should take immediate action to restore faith of the common man in the electoral process. Turning a blind eye to the shocking reports trickling in from UP, Maharashtra, Punjab and now Madhya Pradesh would serve no purpose and would only erode the credibility of the Election Commission.


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