An example of what the police department can actually achieve if they wants to. A single harsh command from a top officer led to many of missing girls being rescued actually overnight in Shahjahanpur. Superintendent of police (city) KB Singh had warned dozens of inspectors in the region about solving pending kidnapping cases of 39 girls in different police stations. Within 72 hours, 27 of the 39 girls were found and rescued, while the search is on to find the other 12.

In the area, ‘perform or perish’ is the report as eight sub inspectors have been transferred to police lines for inefficiency and 24 other inspectors of the same rank have been directed to show results within 48 hours or face the same.

There were 39 cases unfinished in Shahjahanpur under section 363 (kidnapping) and 366 (kidnapping, abducting or propel woman to compel her mar-riage) and there were repeated complaints from the family members to save the kidnapped girls. Most of these cases were pending since 2016 and one in Roza police station here is pending since 2015, involving the kidnapping of a minor girl. After receiving warning from Singh, the investigating officer managed to rescue the girl recklessly. Roza police then went on to settle two more pending cases within the same period.

The policemen ended up finding the kidnapped girls in places near and far. Two teenage girls, missing for a year in each case, were found in Powayan, . Three of those girls who had been missing for months from Kalan, 55 km from here, were found in neighbouring villages of kalan. Police even managed to trace a missing teenage girl to Chandigarh and bring her back, while two other girls were found in Allahabad.
The officers investigating all such cases of kidnapped of women were given the freedom to go the extra mile for solving the cases, said by officials. The policemen were told by Singh to give their proper attention to the cases and assure that the girls were found and sent back to their homes at the earliest. After their medical tests, and their statements were recorded, the 27 rescued girls were sent home to their parents and families.

“Most of the rescued girls were under age. Some of those girls had even left their homes willingly, to be with the boy they wanted to marry. However, but according to the law, they can’t get married before they turn 18, so the persons they eloped with will have to face charges of kidnapping a minor,” said an official, on term of anonymity.

Singh told TOI, “There were quite a few pending cases where the kidnapped girls had not been saved. I spoke to the parents and their family members, who were in tears. I then asked my officers to find and rescue the girls as soon as possible, or prepare to move to police lines. I also told them to concentrate on these cases. They were provided extended support by the department as they might have to travel to the other states and the result is quite encouraging.”

Over this period, Singh said. “The safety and security of women is our first priority. We want to make sure that all girls and women in the state feel protected,”


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